Sidewalk Assessments

Cartigraph leverages the most technically advanced device, mobile phones, to stream data (cross slope + running slope + GPS coordinates) in real-time to the cloud, creating a 75% reduction in surveying time while automatically generating comprehensive reports.

Cross & Running Slope

Automatic readings utilizing the sensors (proximity, accelerator and motion) and three-axis gyroscope built into the mobile device to steam continuous readings to the cloud.


GPS Coordinates

GPS coordinates with timestamps captured at a rate of 3 readings per second, with +/- 16 feet accuracy, in-sync with cross & running slope and other readings.



Evaluate surface type, condition, vaulting, cracking, obstructions, etc. with quick and efficient forms that capture GPS coordinates, timestamp, risk assessment, photos and notes.

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We thrive on opportunities that challenge our team to think outside the box. With our knowledge of software development and data collection, we have worked tirelessly to create what we believe will be the future of ADA data collection.

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