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Bus Stop Inventory

At Cartigraph we have worked with multiple transit companies on various projects and have developed our own cloud-based bus stop amenities inventory and ADA compliance software. Our software allows clients to maintain real-time inventory, view photos, set replacement intervals, and manage maintenance schedules.

In addition to conducting bus stop inventories, our field surveyors also collect ADA compliance related information, allowing our customers to mitigate risk before it’s too late.

Our field surveyors work online from tablets which populate an interactive map that can be accessed 24/7 to view live results via our client portal. Our team is highly experienced at collecting data points!


Interactive Map:

  • Click on bus stop number to open detailed report
  •  Use the search bar to filter by name, intersection or route number
  • GPS location per bus stop
  • Creates ArchGIS or ERIS shapefile

Inventory Page:

  • Click on bus stop number to open detailed report
  • Use the search bar to filter by name, intersection or route number
  • Filter by amenity
  • Export results to excel
  • Add/edit/remove inventory details
  • Set a compliance grading scale
  • Track inventory cost value per bus stop
  • Amenities condition rating

Inventory Details (Overview):

  • View photos
  • View general notes
  • Print report to PDF
  • Click to view location on map

Inventory Details (Assessment):

• View inventory results filtered by category:
- Alighting: physical conditions near bus stop, including ADA requirements
- Comfort: inventory, amenities, access to bus stop, ADA requirements
- Signage: positioning, height, visibility
- Safety: cameras, lighting, traffic concerns, ADA requirements
- Pathways: sidewalk conditions, physical barriers, amenities, ADA requirements

Our comprehensive software can help clients better understand their amenities inventory, accessibility compliance, budgets and forecast future fiscal budgets.

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We thrive on opportunities that challenge our team to think outside the box. With our knowledge of software development and data collection, we have worked tirelessly to create what we believe will be the future of ADA data collection.

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